Pre-made Pouch

Pre-made Pouch Bag Machine

Pre-made Pouch Bag Machine

Xfilpak is a leader in bagging automation for pre-made pouches. Our automated pre-made pouch bag machines are designed to open, fill and seal a vast range of bags sizes as well as pillow or stand-up pouches. We have different models of the pre-made pouch bag machines designed to serve various requirements.

Low Speed Bagger

 Max WidthMax LengthSpeed
Junior Bagger300 mm / 12 in350 mm / 14 in15 cycles per minute

Mid Speed Bagger

 Max WidthMax LengthSpeed
PL-200 Bagger200 mm / 8 in250 mm / 10 in30 cycles per minute
PL-300 Bagger300 mm / 12 in350 mm / 14 in20 cycles per minute
PL-450 Bagger450 mm / 18 in500 mm / 20 in20 cycles per minute

High Speed Bagger

 Max WidthMax LengthSpeed
PLH-150 Bagger150 mm / 6 in200 mm / 8 in60 cycles per minute
PLH-200 Bagger200 mm / 8 in300 mm / 12 in60 cycles per minute
PLH-300 Bagger300 mm / 12 in500 mm / 20 in60 cycles per minute

Junior Bagger

PL-200 PL-300 PL-450 Bagger

Rotary Pouch Machine