Every producer has its own specific needs when considering packaging automation but not all have a clear understanding of the equipment that can be produced to support these needs. As a general guideline then, XFilPak can also assist in providing systems that have been previously customized for specific industry sectors that may end up being a good fit or at least help in building the best configuration. For example, for producers who are in the food or beverage industries (where packaging is a critical part of the business model), a packaging machine that is specifically designed for the target products will be the key to profitable production through automation improvements.

As such, XFilPak specializes in creating machines that are ideally suited for specific industrial packaging needs, regardless of the customization levels that may be required. Whether required for wrapping, bagging, sealing, or any other type of packaging activity, XFilPak will have the best solution configuration to offer. XFilPak systems are easy to configure and operate and built to last with minimal maintenance requirements.

With XFilPak’s experience and expertise in the provision of accurate and efficient systems, producers will increase production efficiency. To identify a suitable XFilPak system per industry, please select the industry sector that seems to be the closest fit and be directed to the recommended systems, that will then be used as the basis of a system proposal document to be discussed with the XFilPak representative.


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