Horizontal Fill Seal

Horizontal Fill Seal​

If you are looking for a fully-automated and reliable pre-made pouch bagging machine, then Xfilpak is the perfect option for you. We have different models of machines that are designed to open, fill and seal a vast range of bag sizes as well as pillow or stand-up pouches. Our machines are made using the latest technology and highest quality standards, which means they are extremely durable and offer optimum performance.

With our pre-made pouch bag machines, you will be able to increase your productivity and efficiency while reducing your overall costs. These machines are very easy to operate and require minimal maintenance, which makes them ideal for any business

Low Speed Bagger (Single Arm Motion)

ModelMax WidthMax LengthSpeed
Junior Bagger300 mm / 12 in350 mm / 14 inup to 15 cycles per minute

Mid Speed Bagger (Step Motion)

ModelMax WidthMax LengthSpeed
PL-200 Bagger200 mm / 8 in250 mm / 10 inup to 30 cycles per minute
PL-300 Bagger300 mm / 12 in350 mm / 14 inup to 20 cycles per minute
PL-450 Bagger450 mm / 18 in500 mm / 20 inup to 20 cycles per minute

High Speed Bagger (Continues Motion)

ModelMax WidthMax LengthSpeed
PLH-150 Bagger150 mm / 6 in200 mm / 8 inup to 60 cycles per minute
PLH-200 Bagger200 mm / 8 in300 mm / 12 inup to 60 cycles per minute
PLH-300 Bagger300 mm / 12 in500 mm / 20 inup to 60 cycles per minute

Junior Bagger

PL-200 PL-300 PL-450 Bagger

For pre-made bags such Bottom Gusset pouches, Flat Bottom Pouches, Retort Pouches, and Spouted Pouches, the PL series stand-up pouch filling baggers machine is ideal. A variety of pre-made stand-up pouches are mechanically opened, filled, and sealed by the PL series. This machine conveniently rolls to fit into your current production environment and only takes up 16 square feet of floor space. The stainless steel PL series baggers are simple to operate, simple to service, and simple to maintain. It has a compact bag magazine that is simple to adjust for feeding, ensuring that pre-made pouches enter the machine squarely, producing uniform output and sealing. The PL series baggers may support ziplock bags by integrating with a bag feeder conveyor. The PL series baggers are simple to combine with any auxiliary filling machine, such as an auger powder filler, a multi-head weighing system, etc. The main advantage of this machine is that it can be customized for any shape of pouch bag.

Continues Motion PLH-150 PLH-200 PLH-300

The Continuous Motion PLH-150, PLH-200, and PLH-300 machines are designed for production rates ranging from medium to high. This gripper working bagger has an innovative infeed conveyor and a pneumatic gripper chain driving mechanism. A very accessible bag magazine for easy pouch loading, an automatic zipper opener, a bag shaker at the fill station for product leveling, and an integrated exit conveyor are all features of the PLH series bagger. For businesses wishing to make the most of available space on packaging lines for bakery goods, nuts, dried fruit, tobacco, medical marijuana, pet supplies, textiles, and toiletries, this machine’s small size is excellent.