Frozen food packaging machines

Frozen Food Packaging

Are you in the business of frozen food? 

Regardless of your type of frozen product, we have the industrial machines that are able to weigh, fill and package it.

Below is a list of industrial machinery that are designed for your needs.

Suitable Machinery for Frozen Food

Remplissage de Pochettes à Glissière Préfabriquées

Lorsque vous avez besoin d'emballer des aliments surgelés pour la vente, la machine à sachets préfabriqués est une solution parfaite. Cela peut vous aider avec votre application, s'il y a déjà des sacs ou des contenants à fermeture éclair préfabriqués et cela vous évite de les fabriquer vous-même !

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Formage, Remplissage et Scellement Verticaux

VFFS is the perfect solution for those who want to package their frozen foods from zero-to end, since it’s capable of creating the bag too.

Enveloppe de Flux

The flow wrapper is a horizontal packing machine that is able to pack a variety of frozen food products. It also has the ability to connect with other production lines for an efficient workflow. The length of the machine can be shortened according to customer requirements. The machine also has the option to be converted to dual servo control through variable frequency control. This makes the flow wrapper an adaptable and essential part of most businesses in this industry.

Service Alimentaire et Ensachage en Vrac

If you have a bulk application for food service, our TFS-1100 tube fill seal bagger is the perfect solution.